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A.O.N. Productions began with a desire to provide superior live sound and sound reinforcement for musicians. We saw a need for enhanced communication between performing musicians and the engineers who work with them. As a company, we seek to bridge this gap between artists and sound engineers by placing our focus on the idiosyncrasies of music.
How do we do this? We pair our sound engineers with what the industry should have had all along: a musician and their "ear". This allows us to be not only mathematically and acoustically accurate, but artistically and stylistically as well; bringing the artist, and ultimately the audience, the high-level experiences they deserve.
A.O.N. Productions strives to provide simply the best for our clients; without compromise, and with no exceptions. A production company with the latest technologies, top-tier equipment, and detail-oriented client/artist support, A.O.N. confidently maintains preeminent status among similar institutions.
The acronym A.O.N. stands for “All Or Nothing.” We built our company on this statement and retain it as our guiding principle. Get in touch with an A.O.N. representative today and hear what you’ve been missing.
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